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MY Activities/Hobbies

School FRC Robotics Team

I have been a part of The Athenian Robotics Collective since I joined Athenian. I have gained tremendous knowledge of several skills during my years in the team. I was the Leader of Electronics and System Design for the 2019-2020 year. I managed the electronics and sensors onboard our competition robot.

Competition Goer

I love to apply my learning into projects, and the best way to find problems to solve is through competitions and online contests, primarily for engineering. I have entered into several online contests, learning many skills along the way.

Here are some of my entries into some online contests:​

Remote Control Vehicle Hobbyist

Since elementary school, I spent my free time building model ships, cars, and trains. With the introduction of 3D modeling and basic radio electronics, I have created more complex models. I currently have a flotilla of remote control boats I have designed and 3D printed, and enjoy adding new ships to the fleet.

Outside Learning

While I enjoy my academics at school, I often want to learn a topic not taught by the regular curriculum, such as embedded systems or PCB design. To solve this, I create additional Independent Study courses to learn this material. I have taken Independent Studies on Java Programming, 3D Modelling, PCB Design, and Embedded Systems. I hope to take more courses in the future such as Control Theory, UI/UX Development & Garageband.

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