Community Service


San Ramon AYUDH Tree Planting Project

Since I entered high school, I have been a part of AYUDH. AYUDH, also known as Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara, is a global platform for youth ages 15-30 to solve problems within their community. This AYUDH project consisted of us preparing a location for trees to be planted. By the end of the project, 200+ trees were planted. We have expanded this project and have planted hundreds of trees in other locations.


Rebuilding Together Oakland Home Renovation

This was a school facilitated project where we worked to renovate the house of a person unable to afford it himself. We repainted and repaired both the interior and exterior of the house.


San Ramon AYUDH Creek Cleanup Project

To prevent water pollution and the blockage of natural creeks, we embarked on a project to remove garbage from Crow Creek in Castro Valley. Over the course of a month, we removed hundreds of pounds of garbage, ensuring that no harmful materials will enter the ocean and that the water will drain from the creek properly.


San Ramon AYUDH Clean Water Project

This project was to design and prototype a system that can collect humidity from the air and convert it into usable water. By the end of the project, we had a prototype system which satisfied all of our expectations. We hope to work on this project further.


St. Anthony's Homeless Feeding

This was a school facilitated project, involving our class going to St. Anthony's Kitchen to feed those who are less fortunate.