Internships & work experience

Robotics Internship with Humanitarian Technologies (HuT) Labs

July - August 2021

I had an robotics/research internship with Humanitarian Technolgoies (HuT) Labs, a research lab in Amrita University, India. The purpose of my work was to implement path planning algorithms for autonomous robots using Robot Operating System (ROS) and Python. 


Software Internship with Nutcracker Therapeautics

July - August 2019

Over the summer, I had an internship with Nutcracker Therapeutics, an Emeryville based startup company focused on pharmaceutical synthesis. My work primarily consisted of building and testing software for their products. This internship introduced me to National Instruments LabVIEW as well as working in a company environment.


Software Internship with Ubiquity Robotics

March 2019

By taking advantage of our school's Internship Program, I got an internship opportunity with Ubiquity Robotics, a robotics & hardware company. Our objective was to create a unique control system for Ubiquity's new products. This internship opportunity introduced me to Google's Flutter platform, as well as Dart Programming and mobile user interfaces.