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A sensor-equipped motorcycle helmet.

I created this project to make a proof of concept model of a bike/motorcycle helmet capable of detecting objects in a user's blind spots, as well as warn a user if there is any threat approaching. The helmet detects incoming objects/vehicles via LIDAR sensors mounted to the rear. Status LEDs are placed in the peripheral view of the rider and are illuminated based on the distance and speed of an approaching vehicle.

Prototype Development


Single LIDAR test rig


Dual LIDAR circuit


Data collection & firmware debugging


Prototype helmet test circuit


Testing the circuit (I know it looks silly)


Final helmet circuit

Full helmet integration test

This was the first test of the helmet in real-life conditions. Initially, the right side LED illuminates. This is because of a parked car present in my blind spot (outside frame). As a car drives close to me, the left LED flashes rapidly, indicating a potential hazard. The system is able to detect hazards far before they come close to a rider, giving riders time to make potentially life-changing decisions.

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