A Smart Glove for Speech Impairments

Gestr is a glove designed to translate hand gestures and basic sign language into spoken text, primarily to aid the speech impaired. This project is currently still in development and has been in progress since early 2018.


Design Files

A simple, sleek, and convenient enclosure was needed to house the circuitry controlling the device. The PCB enclosure and speaker holder were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and 3D printed. For Revision 2, a larger enclosure and an IMU mount were created. I hope to integrate the PCB inside the glove itself by miniaturizing components and utilizing flexible PCB technologies to integrate the sensors and control circuitry on one flexible chip.

Circuit Schematics

All of Gestr's components were mapped using Autodesk EAGLE's schematic editor. These schematics were the first step towards creating the PCB for this project and were iterated several times to meet requirements and optimize ease of use.

PCB Designs

To keep Gestr compact and durable, a custom PCB was created. This chip housed the microprocessor, multiplexer IC and the sound driver module. It was designed on Autodesk's EAGLE PCB platform and was fabricated by JLCPCB. The chip's first iteration had support for 5 flex sensors and a speaker. The second iteration expanded on this by adding IMU support, additional thermal vias and a built-in thermistor to monitor heat levels.

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