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Glo Rev 1

A quad-channel ARGB LED controller.

Glo is my first project which was released to the market. It is an addressable LED driver board with external IO and programmable functions. This project was launched on Kickstarter and received over 200% funding. Over 100 units were shipped to 65 backers.


Glo uses an Atmega328p processor and uses the Arduino bootloader. This makes it an effective Arduino substitute for LED-related projects. Its screw terminal connectors and 4 LED channels make it a robust solution for both prototypes and permanent applications.

System Design


Glo has two separate USB ports, allowing the board to be programmed while power is applied to its LEDs. The device also features two programmable pushbuttons and a hall effect sensor. Glo's various IO can be used to interface several sensors, displays and communication modules.

Product Development


Glo's processor schematic (Designed using Altium Designer)


Glo PCB layout (Designed using Altium Designer)


Assembled Glo PCBs awaiting shipping


Glo running rainbow program outdoors

Additional Resources

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